Get up close and personal with the artists right in front of the stage.


Behind VIP, but still close to the action.

This is the only ticket which is also available as a single day pass.

Star of the Ruckus

Bring along an active duty or veteran service member!

See full details below

Seated Section

BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair)
Behind VIP, but still close to the action.


We offer permanent electric, temporary electric, and dry camping options.

You must have a ticket to the show in order to enter the fairgrounds during the River Ruckus.

This includes the campgrounds. Kids 12 & under get in free (all kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times).

General Admission Camping

General admission camping will be available before spring 2022. There's a chance the number of sites at each area can change, so we need to lock down those numbers before making them available.

All tickets are sold under the following conditions:


VIP tickets include 4 drinks, a separate entrance, separate bathrooms, and access to front of stage. You also have access to the GA area. $220


General admission tickets get you into the show. You'll still be plenty close! Weekend Pass: $115
Friday Only: $80
Saturday Only: $85

Star of the Ruckus

This is a special ticket that allows the ticket holder to take along one active duty or veteran military member with them into the show. Both you and your "Star of the Ruckus" will get access to the general admission area. Prior to the Ruckus, you'll receive an email, through our ShowClix system, asking for additional information about your "Star of the Ruckus", such as their name, a picture, branch of service, and dates of service. We're working to turn these pictures into a video for all the fans. There are only 100 of these tickets available, enough to cover the stars of two American flags. God Bless the U.S.A. $150


Seated tickets get you in a section off to one side of VIP separated from GA where you must sit in your lawn chair. Chairs are not provided. $130


Campsites are purchased on a weekly basis (which the prices reflect), beginning the Saturday before the festival until the Sunday after. This is done to allow enough time for everyone to pull their campers in and get all set up. Many campers are ready for the Ruckus a weekend early, but most are parked by Wednesday. You can arrive at any time starting Saturday before the festival (times will be provided as the festival date draws closer).
A festival ticket is required to enter the grounds. A festival ticket is NOT included with the purchase of a campsite.
2022 campsite purchases run from Saturday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 31st.
GA Camping is similar to Dry Camping, with the only difference being that your site is chosen within your section on a first come, first served basis. Camping Layout There are four different kinds of sites available, distributed between two categories: Specific Spot - These sites have specific locations picked out online.
General Admission - These sites are first come - first served.
Permanent Electric - These permanently located sites get their electricity from the grid.
Temporary Electric - There is an electric pod for you to plug your camper into, powered by a generator. The generator, pods, and fuel are provided by us. There are only 30A options available.
Non-Electric - No electricity is provided.
Tent Only - No electricity is provided. The sites are smaller, only fitted for tents.

Ruckus Specific Spot Camping

Permanent Electric - $180
Temporary Electric (30A) - $400
Dry Camping (No Electricity Provided) - $90
Specific sites are laid out across the fairgrounds with a "Letter, Number, Number" identification method. The order corresponds to a row, then a pedestal, then a site. For example, if your campsite is labeled C5-2, your site would be in Row C, Pedestal 5, Site 2. Pedestal numbers increase from west to east. Site numbers are laid out as described with the following:
  1. Northwest Corner
  2. Northeast Corner
  3. Southwest Corner
  4. Southeast Corner
All of our maps have north pointing towards the top of the image.
Campers or tents are allowed
22.5' x 45' site - a single vehicle pass is included

Ruckus GA Camping

Camper Site - $90
Campers or tents are allowed
22.5' x 45' site - vehicle pass included
Tent Only - $90
Only tents are allowed
20' x 20' site - vehicle pass included (new this year)
General Admission campsites were renamed within the last year, so your tickets may call out a number instead of a more descriptive location. Here's the key for the old/new names:
  • 101 → Maple Ave. Campers
  • 102 → Cornfield Campers
  • 103 → Backstage Campers
  • 201 → Teny City Central
  • 202 → Tent City North
  • 203 → Mud Volleyball Campers